Effective solutions through in-house R&D and knowledge assimilation

Swash-beach-structures. For recreation & coastal ptotection.

Photo by A.K. Otta


This is System-Sea!

System-Sea is set-up with the primary aim of bringing in effective and innovative consulting guidance to practice  in coastal and offshore systems in keeping with the allied development from the research world. A key point of our under-riding policy to enable this is effective assimilation of knowledge and continuous in-house development of knowledge base.


We are committed to working with our clients in various capacities for effective solutions to their real needs. It is a firm belief in System-Sea that this can be best achieved by integrating consulting services with research, Product development and education/training. Therefore, these are the three legs System-Sea stands on.


Our service areas constitute some key elements of these three industrial sectors:

Ports& coastal

Oil & Gas (offshore sector)

Ships & offshore structures


Our specialized services include


ˇ Computational modeling: coastal & offshore process; structure (including ships) dynamics in marine environment

ˇ Marine Metocean, Marine informatics

ˇ Decision support systems

ˇ Instrumentation system, Mechatronics, Data analysis for design and operation


Contact us for further discussion about how we can bring values to you in these areas through our consulting, product development & research and customized training.

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Offshore structures