This is System-Sea!

A Think Tank for Generating Entrepreneurships.

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System-Sea is a private think-tank for conceptualising entrepreneurial units. Thus far, it has conceptualised three units which are leading-edge and are commercially promising. These three units are

Investors are welcome to discuss further details about these three units in confidence and find out the true potentials from their perspectives. As part of its value-adding consulting, System-Sea is also open to take up assignments to support investors and entrepreneurs set up their own value-adding propositions. To assess more in details how System-Sea can help, send a mail to the group architect Dr. O. , as he is called by his friends (or Dr. Ashwini Otta), with your query and mode of contact.

Dr. O. is an international consultant. With a strong technology background, experince of many multi-disciplinary projects and more importantly, an entrepeuerial mind set, he is well-suited to provide key supports to your entrepeunerial journey.

Outlines of Available Units

Technology, Societal, Education

We exhibit the enthusiasm of a start-up, but bring to our clients years of wide experience through the collective efforts of our associates. What is important for our clients is that we are critical of our shortcomings and we move rapidly to remove them once discovered. We invest heavily in assimilating new research and knowledge to upgrade our services continually.

Now, outlines of our present three endeavours in the following ...

SYSTEM2C is a startup to provide smart, sustainable solutions in marine environment and infrastructure. System2C offers consulting, design & analysis, product development and capability development in these themes: ports, harbours, marinas; coastal protection; climate change adaptation for marine infrastructure, Renewable (blue) energy, design & analysis in coastal and offshore dynamics. System2C is geared to complement business partners in its expertise areas and also work directly with clients from governmental Executing Agencies such as Public Works, Maritime Board, Port Authorities; Multi National Donor Agencies such as ADB, World Bank; Regulatory Authorities, Navy, Insurance Companies, Oil Companies and R&D Sponsors.

B2IW2B is an exciting organisation concept to bring the products from rural areas (Bharat, as we call it in reminiscence of the ancient name of India) to urban population in India and the World. In reverse mode, it also enhances rural life by bringing infotainment and technology available in the urban world. It blends digital technology, advanced data analytics together with physical blocks at the social and community level.

Education-Gen Next is an initiative that is integral to us. It provides a new style of 360 degree education with encouragement of creativity at the core. The philosophy is derived from our own intense discussion of educational innovation and commerical viability on one hand and extensive search of advances in Learning&Development on the other.